Saturday, March 22, 2008

Biology Lessons

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Well, as you probably know, I'm in the midst of my own biology experiment right now. The Gus Project is both exciting and exhausting, as those of you who have worked on similar experiments can no doubt attest.

Everyone is interested in Gus, but Ryan most of all. We have had numerous discussions with Ryan regarding the existence of Gus: how he's growing, how he eats, how tired Mommy is, how Gus got in there, how tired Mommy is, etc.

In typical Ryan-fashion, he prefers excruciatingly detailed answers to his innumerable questions. No executive summary will ever suffice, no matter what the topic. As I have mentioned before, he pretty much knows all about reproduction--humans, gorillas, and otherwise. Which is good, really, less questions to answer later.

Still, I was caught off-guard by his recent obsession with sperm. He understands that sperm is the guy's responsibility, and since he is a guy, he felt like he needed to know all about it. He was dying to know what sperm looks like, so I fired up Ye Olde Computer Device and quickly found some pictures. Oh, he was fascinated.

I also believe this interest in sperm was somewhat spurred by the fact that I took the kids to one of my OB appointments and we discussed all of the girl-related things during our eons-long wait for the doctor to come in. He got to see a picture of an ovum, and ovaries, and well, everything. Lucky for me that the doc was delayed, so I got to answer questions and questions and questions and describe pictures and pictures and pictures. !!!

So anyway, sperm. He can't wait to make some of his own. We have explained several times that that wouldn't happen for a while just yet. Not to be deterred by this little biological impediment, he decided to make sperm in a different way. And so in honor of this occasion, you'll get to see some pictures. Here they are:

Not exactly to scale, but I think he's got the right idea:

Looks like we found a winner:

Mission Accomplished!

And to balance out some of this testosterone, I present you with a Girl in Pink Sparkly Shoes:

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