Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Livy Vision

originally posted at Reepicheep's Coracle

My dear friend RationalJenn and I were talking today about what we envision our kids being when they are grown. I thought it might be interesting for you guys to know the things I am aiming for in my parenting. Here's what I would like Livy to be at, say, age 21:

I want her to be aware of what she likes to do and what she is good at doing, and I want her to have the skills it takes to begin her career. I want her to have the social skills necessary to maintain good romantic relationships and friendships. I also want her to be able to deal with bosses, coworkers, and random people in the world. I want her to be virtuous (honest, integrated, rational, independent, productive, just, and prideful) because I want her to be able to be happy. I want her to have a good understanding of herself (her personality, strengths, weaknesses, etc) and be working to make herself the best person she can be. I want her to be physically healthy and know how to maintain her health with good nutrition and exercise and sleep. I want her to be able to set goals and work to achieve them. I want her to have a layman's understanding of Objectivism and use it to guide her life.

Here are the things I don't care a lick if she does (I'm not opposed to them, just don't think they are for everyone, and she'll have to decide for herself):

I don't care if she goes to college, gets an apprenticeship, starts a business of her own, or travels the world for a while before settling down. I don't care if she's gay or straight or bi or an introvert with a tight knit group or an extrovert with a huge group, I just want her to be able to have healthy, satisfying relationships with those she chooses to be with. I don't care what her particular optional values are. She doesn't have to be a reader or a liberally educated person or like science. She doesn't have to like my music; she can like thrash metal is she wants to.

I guess this is one more post that should be labeled "minding my own business parenting." What things Livy chooses to pursue are not my business; I will be delighted if she is happy and rational.

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