Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PD Tool Card: Hugs

(Originally posted at Rational Jenn)

I'm picking the Hugs card this week because we have had quite a few difficult days recently. Quite frankly, I need a hug!

Some of my frustration is simply due to the fact that I have more than one kid (which is our own doing of course, but can't be helped now).

All kids go through phases--ups and downs, easy times and challenging times. The issue when you have more than one kid is that sometimes these phases sync up--which is hard because then you are dealing with two or more really irritating challenging people at the same time.

And the other issue is that sometimes these phases DON'T sync up--which is hard because just as one kid is becoming more reasonable, another one is flipping out because suddenly she can't find the arm holes on her dress and by the way she has forgotten how to both remove and put on clothing and so tramps downstairs screaming, one arm in an arm hole in the front, her head halfway through the head hole, the empty arm hole a-flappin' in the breeze behind her.

Or something like that. :o)

I honestly don't know which is harder. When the phases sync up, it's super-dee-dooper crazy insane during the unreasonable times. But then it's simply AWESOME during the reasonable period. Perhaps too awesome, because then I forget about the hard parts.

But when they are out of sync, I feel like I never get a break. We had an AWFUL weekend with Ryan. There were good parts--fortunately mostly during the parts we were with our friends. But he was just . . . awful. As in I'm trembling for my future self during his teen years awful.

And Morgan is going through something, too, evidently (we're skipping art class this morning because it just wasn't going to be possible--a mutual decision, not a punishment or anything). But this morning, Ryan is super great and awesome! Sigh. And I don't get to enjoy it because she is crazy. Which isn't exactly true--I can still enjoy Ryan's niceness. Just not fully.

Okay then! I didn't intend this to be such a gripey post!

Right. Hugs.

This is a technique I have never actually tried before, unlike most of the other PD Tool Cards I've written about. So I'm excited to give it a go. I'll let you know! And thanks for listening!

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