Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Compliment of the Highest Order

(Originally posted at Rational Jenn)

Today, on the way home from Taekwondo, I received the greatest compliment ever from one of my kids. We were talking about TKD's "Parent's Night Out" where you can drop the kid off at TKD on some Friday nights, and they watch movies and play games and hang out. Ryan's TKD friend did it last night and I mentioned that N. enjoyed PNO and if Ryan wanted to do it, well then he could, too. I mentioned this knowing that Ryan would probably not take advantage of this special offer, because, well, he's Ryan.

He began protesting and I reminded him that it's his choice. That he could do it if he wanted, or not. No worries. And then we talked about something else for a while.

Then he said, "The thing is, I want to be near you, Mom. There are scary things in the world, and scary things in movies, and scary injuries that can happen to you. And when I think about those things, all I want to say is 'Mommmmm!' "

Me: "Really?"

Ryan: "Yes, when I feel that scared, I want to donate everything, I want to donate all of my toys and my house . . . but I don't want to donate my Mom."


He doesn't want to donate me, which is WONDERFUL, don't you think? Although I'm a bit confused about where the donation thing came from, but I don't care because I'm not on the list!!! Also, scary injuries? What in the world?

And I told him that it made me so happy to hear that, that one of my jobs was to help him feel safe when he was scared, so I was happy to know I was doing my job.

And then we arrived home and he was a complete booger to me and the rest of the family. :o)

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