Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Podcast #8: Praise versus Encouragement

And we’re back, after our somewhat longish break! We intend to get back on a more frequent publishing basis for a little while. Our lineup this time:
  • Situation of the Week (Jenn): Mom Keeping her Temper FTW! (Decide What You Will Do Positive Discipline Tool Card)
  • Topic: Praise versus Encouragement (begins 5:35)
  • Q&A: Uncles and Aunts (begins 18:44)
Technical note: Podcast 8 was the last one we recorded using Audacity on a PC (which we then transferred into GarageBand for editing on the Mac). Beginning with Podcast 9, we recorded directly into GarageBand, and we’re hoping that will improve some of the buzzing I keep hearing. At the very least, it will be easier for editing, and Brendan is going to teach Kelly and me how to do more the editing ourselves. Which may–or may not–result in more frequent posting.

As always you can download the podcast episode directly from here, and it should show up in iTunes sometime in the next day.

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