Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cultivating the Virtues Q&A

Jenn and I need more questions! We want to hear from YOU! (Imagine a picture of me wearing that Uncle Sam suit and pointing right at you menacingly.) So, Jenn, the good fairy of technical operations, made us a Google Moderator question box thingy. So please ask us stuff. We love to get feedback and know that people are listening and thinking about our ideas. And we want to answer your real life questions!

Jenn writes, "So is there something you've been wondering about Positive Discipline or Objectivism? Is there a specific challenge you are trying to handle with your own kid that you'd like another Mommy Opinion about? Do you think we are really off-base with all of this non-punitive discipline stuff and want to challenge us? Well then, please head over to our question page and ask us! And vote up good questions from others, too."

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