Monday, July 25, 2011

Podcast #16: Our Favorite Books for Kids

Hey there! We're back and recording lots of podcasts this summer, woohoo!

Astute listeners will have noticed that we've skipped ahead a bit in our numbering. We have not published podcasts 14 and 15 yet due to some technical issues, but we put them up as soon as we can. Rather than put everything on hold to get those other podcasts up, we decided to forge on ahead and get some new podcasts out there. We trust you won't mind TOO much if the publication goes out of order.

The line up this time:

  • Situation of the Week (Kelly): Dealing with a fear that you and your child share, and getting back on the horse!
  • Topic (begins 5:50): Our favorite books for kids (and yes, we'll link them all below)
  • Q & A (begins 30:43): What were some of the factors in our decision to homeschool our children?

Thanks for listening! We'd love your feedback at, and more questions for our Q & A at the Google Moderator page we've set up.

You can listen here, or go to our Podbean website (or iTunes).

Here are the books we discussed in the podcast (the links are through our Amazon Associates account, so we might get a couple of cents if you click through and purchase, so please do!):

Babies through PreK

Sandra Boynton (Blue Hat Green Hat)
Hand Hand Fingers Thumb
I Spy
Richard Scarry (Cars and Trucks and Things That Go)
Byron Barton (Boats, Trains, Planes, Trucks)
The Carrot Seed

Elementary ages

Ox-Cart Man
Little House on the Prairie (series and audiobooks)
Will's Quill
Robert Louis Stevenson poetry (A Child's Garden of Verses)
Charlotte's Web
If You Give a Pig a Pancake
Bob Books
Grimm's Fairy Tales
James Herriot's Treasury for Children: Warm and Joyful Tales by the Author of All Creatures Great and Small

Kids of all ages

Harry Potter (and audiobooks)
Ender's Game
D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths
Geraldine McCaughrean (The OdysseyBlack Ships Before TroyGod's People)
Childhood of Famous Americans series
Percy Jackson series
The Kane Chronicles
Narnia series
The Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit

By no means an exhaustive list! Do you have any to add? Leave them in the comments! :D

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  1. Great list! I think that The Little House series is an excellent read.


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