Tuesday, July 6, 2010

OGrownups Monthly Summary

(originally posted at Rational Jenn)

A few days late with this, but in case you hadn't heard, I've been a little busy. :P

In June, we added 6 new members, and had a total of 235 members as of June 30.

This month's topics included:

Discussion of news articles

  • 5 year old suspended from school for "thoughtcrime"
  • Katie Granju's son Henry

Blog posts by OG members
  • Life learning
  • Cultivating the Virtues podcasts
  • Teaching kids to evaluate risk and safety
  • Children's book reviews

General discussion
  • Education Activism (a call to arms!)
  • Food & Fertility
  • Summer Learning
  • A new baby (always exciting!)
  • Finding and OB/midwife in late pregnancy
  • Goat's milk
  • Parental rights and children's rights
  • Free Range Kids and hot dog dangers--a dose of sanity
  • Getting together at OCON (hope it's fun!)
  • You Might Be an Objectivist Parent If . . . (fun thread)
  • Support Selfish Parenting (parenting activism!)
  • Circumcision (understatement of the year!)
  • Raising Entrepreneurs (based on a TED Talk)
  • Computer programming for kids
  • Kids & Food
  • Piggy Banks

A very active month. Can't wait to see what July brings!

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