Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunrise Post

(Originally posted at Rational Jenn)

Well, I've been awake since about 4am, all thanks to a girl who is having nightmares about the stickers on her wall moving. See, her bedroom walls are decorated with cute little flower and butterfly "wall clings." After months and months of just looking cute and adorable, they now wriggle menacingly in order to frighten the bejeebus out of her. Why they'd suddenly decide to do such a horrible thing to her (and us), I'm sure I don't know. Not what I expected from such pretty wall decorations! Perhaps I should have read the package more closely.

Maybe it's time for a nightmare-exorcism and/or weapons. Ryan used to keep a small bottle of water in his room: "monster spray" for those stubborn, hard-to-eliminate creatures that insisted on sneaking into his room and his head during the night. Worked on pirates, too, if I recall. Something's telling me that a spray bottle and Morgan would be a terrible combination. Guess we'll have to think of something else. I'm certain that she will freak out if we remove the stickers from the walls in the cold, rational light of day, but we may have to resort to such measures. I need sleep.

Really, her nightmare phase has been almost indescribably easier than Ryan's, but she tends to resist falling back asleep if awakened. Sure, Ryan would wake us all, screaming bloody murder several times a night, but we could usually get him to calm down and zoom off to sleep. Different kids, I guess.

Oh well. I suppose I should become reacquainted with this hour of the day, as I will be seeing it frequently come summer.

She has a lot of nerve, this child. Looking all cute, giggling her bubbly giggle. I mean, honestly, doesn't she know what time it is?

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