Friday, May 23, 2008

Famous Last Words

(Originally posted at Rational Jenn)

So, we had something of a playdate here this afternoon, 3 moms, 3 boys, 2 girls. We moms were discussing the various differences between the genders, in particular how quiet it can be when it's just the girls, Morgan and her favorite playmate, L. Our boys can be, well, boisterous. It's just how they do.

Now while this conversation was happening, Morgan and L were in the playroom, which is separated from our family room by french doors, playing peacefully and quietly. Making our point for us, you see.

Ah, how quiet they were! How peaceful! And yes, something of a nice change from the battle cries and body slams of the male offspring. Girls can be so calm and chill, and--dare I say it?--easy. Why, we can actually carry on a conversation when the girls are playing nearby! Can't do that with the boys--they have to be waaaaay outside in the backyard if any meaningful conversation is to be had.

See? This is what you get for tempting the Fates.

Just a few minutes after that, one of the moms--who has 2 of the 3 boys here today--happened to stroll by the playroom only to discover that L was calmly, quietly, and peacefully giving Morgan a haircut.


It's not bad, and really with her curls, it's not immediately obvious unless you know where to look.

But how funny! And, you know, nobody ever told them not to cut hair! And L was really trying to help Morgan out, as she had recently been given to understand that Morgan was afraid of getting her hair cut (true) and simply wanted to help Morgan overcome her anxiety. Really, when you put it like that, it was quite sweet of L to support her friend in that way. Morgan has evidently overcome her fear of haircuts, wouldn't you say?

And they really were very quiet, and isn't that the attribute we were praising them for? :o)

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